The 4th of July holiday is on the horizon, and you are looking forward to playing with your summer toys.  Before you put your boat on the lake, invite guests to swim in your pool or take a spin on your ATV or motorcycle, check with a Healy Group Advisor to make sure your summer toys are properly protected. You may need additional coverage in addition to your homeowners and automobile policies.

Here are some tips to consider:



Small boats may be automatically covered by your homeowners policy, but coverage may be limited depending on the size of the boat and motor. If you own a boat and do not have boat insurance, you are probably underinsured. You’ll want a boat policy to cover physical damage to the boat and any liability that might result from its use. It’s also wise to select a policy that covers your boat while it is stored on land, or while you transport your boat over land by trailer.

The number and type of physical damage exclusions vary from company to company, so it’s important to understand the specifics of the policy. The most significant difference that can be found among boat insurance policies is whether the coverage is based upon “Agreed Value” or “Actual Cash Value” loss settlement. “Agreed Value” policies normally pay the amount shown on the policy if the boat is considered to be a total loss. An “Actual Cash Value” policy provides less coverage than an “Agreed Value” policy. An “Actual Cash Value” policy provides coverage up to the current market value, taking into account depreciation and potentially other factors.

Here are some questions to ask your personal insurance agent about your boat policy:

  • Does my policy have adequate liability limits?
  • Are there any special discounts?
  • Who is covered by the policy to operate the boat or personal watercraft?
  • Is the liability of towing skiers or persons on tubes covered by my policy?

Operating a boat or jet ski puts you and your family at increased risk for liability losses. You may want to consider adding a personal umbrella policy to provide additional liability coverage above your boat policy’s liability limits.

A knowledgeable independent Healy Group insurance advisor can help you determine which type of policy is best for you.



Some people assume that their car insurance policies will automatically provide coverage for their motorcycles.

Your car insurance may cover motorcycles with a motorcycle endorsement; however, frequently motorists will need to purchase a separate motorcycle insurance policy. For those that do not want to purchase a separate policy, motorcycle endorsements can be convenient. However, if your motorcycle is your main mode of transportation, purchasing a separate motorcycle insurance policy is best.

Motorcycle insurance rates are calculated in a manner that is similar to car insurance. If you are under the age of 25, have had several accidents, and don’t have much experience riding motorcycles, you can expect to pay high insurance premiums. Some insurance companies see motorcycle insurance as such a high risk that they will not extend coverage to certain drivers.

The type of motorcycle that you want to insure will also have an impact on your rates. Racing motorcycles with powerful engines are much more expensive to insure than casual riding bikes. Most states require motorcycle insurance coverage and, depending on the rider, bike, and location, annual premiums can range between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars.

Here are some questions to ask your insurance agent about motorcycle insurance:

  • What are the requirements of my state?
  • Does the insurance cover the guest passenger as well?
  • Are there other insurance coverage situations to consider?
  • Is it possible to get replacement cost coverage?
  • Does it also cover the custom accessories?

Contact a Healy Group advisor to answer these questions and any other questions you may have about insuring your motorcycle. We can also help you tailor a motorcycle policy to meet your specific needs.



All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are NOT covered by standard automobile policies; however, your homeowners policy might partially cover your liability on an ATV. Ask your insurance agent these questions:

  • Are there age restrictions on who may operate my ATV?
  • Does my policy cover friends and family who are operating the ATV?
  • Is there a discount for taking an operator safety course or riding with a helmet?

You might want to consider purchasing ATV insurance for a few reasons:

  • ATVs have a high theft rate.
  • If you ride an ATV off your property or trailer your ATV to another location, your homeowners policy may not cover your ATV.
  • If you use your ATV at a state-owned or public park, ATV insurance may be required.

ATV insurance companies evaluate the risk of riders and vehicles differently, so depending on your location and driving history, you may receive a much better rate with one insurer than another. To get help evaluating what coverage makes sense for your unique needs, contact a knowledgeable Healy Group advisor.



Pools are usually covered under your homeowners policy; however, you’ll want to make sure you are aware of any safety guidelines your policy requires, such as a pool fence or a locked gate. The insurance company can deny coverage or cancel your policy if you do not follow the safety guidelines or do not inform the company you have installed a pool.

Here are some questions to ask your personal insurance agent regarding pools:

  • Does my homeowners insurance cover an in-ground pool?
  • Are above-ground pools covered by my homeowners insurance?
  • How does the pool impact liability coverage?
  • Are there any limitations or exclusions on my homeowners policy for pools, such as diving boards or slides?

A pool puts you at increased risk for liability losses. Ask your insurance agent about adding an umbrella policy to provide liability coverage above what your homeowners policy offers.

Summer is also a time for travel. If you are renting a car, vacation home, boat, or jet skis, it’s a good idea to contact your home or renters insurance company to see if your policy covers potential damage.  Knowing you’re protected against accidental damages makes it easier to relax and enjoy your trip.

Healy Group personal lines advisors have access to a wide range of products from multiple carriers and can offer guidance on a variety of products, coverages, and prices. Have questions about whether you have the appropriate protection in place for all your summer fun? Let’s Connect.


About the Authors

Connie Greenwood, Personal Insurance Advisor

Connie Greenwood has 35 years of experience as an Insurance Advisor. She enjoys helping her clients and prospects understand their insurance options, and crafting insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs. Connie finds great joy in being a trusted advisor for her clients. She loves helping protect their financial welfare against unforeseen accidents and circumstances and bringing them peace of mind.


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