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Your Advocate

We understand that every business is different.

We listen, ask questions, and gather information so we can determine the risks and tailor a plan with insurance solutions designed specifically for your business and industry.

Relationships Matter to Us

When you are a Healy Group insurance client, you work with a dedicated, experienced advisor and client service manager, not departments and divisions. Your Healy Group team is available to answer all your questions and help you navigate your insurance needs.

Healy Group’s strong relationships with regional and national industry-specific insurance carriers allow us to work closely with underwriters to negotiate the best terms and coverages for our clients.


Best Practices & Tools

We are continually studying the issues you face through associations, thought leaders, our clients, and industry experts.

We understand the biggest risks you face are often not insurance-related. Our commitment extends beyond obtaining business insurance coverage. Our goal is to minimize all kinds of risk exposures to safeguard your assets and reputation. Healy Enterprise Risk Management focuses on the biggest challenges that affect companies in specific industries.

We provide customized claims service, risk management assessment and audits, education, and a detailed service plan to mitigate your overall risk whether you are a small business or a mid-to-large business in a variety of industries.

“Insurance is not my core competency, but George Carlin and the people at Healy Group have that knowledge and always follow up.”

Frank Cordello
Packaging Logic Inc.

Mid-to-large Business

We recognize mid-to-large companies face a unique set of risks specific to your industry. By assessing your risks with our industry-specific coverage audit and enterprise risk management audit, we help you design a strategy to mitigate your enterprise and hazard risks, so you can focus on your company’s operations and growth.

Through our specialized tools and our industry expertise, our advisors can provide a tailored risk management approach in many industries.


Small Business

At Healy Group, we specialize in helping small business owners assess risks and design a strategy tailored specifically for your situation.

When it comes to choosing the right insurance for your small business, consider the following:

  • Commercial property insurance to help cover the costs of damage to your business premises, including your furniture, tools, and equipment.
  • Commercial liability insurance to protect your business from financial loss should you be liable for property damage or personal injury caused by your services, business operations, or your employees.
  • Commercial auto insurance to help cover the costs of car accidents you and your employees may have while driving for work.
  • Workers compensation insurance provides benefits to your employees if they get injured or ill on the job. In most states, this coverage is a legal requirement.
  • Commercial umbrella insurance provides extra coverage if a claim against you is higher than your policy’s limits. This type of insurance gives businesses a practical way to extend coverages.
  • Business income coverage, also known as business interruption insurance, which can help you get back lost income if your business has to close because of a covered incident.
  • Data breach insurance, which can help your small business respond to a breach. This can include the costs of alerting members of the public and restoring your reputation.
  • Professional and employment practices liability insurance are types of coverage that help protect you from professional liability and employment protection claims.

. . . And through it all, we will be your passionate team players.

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