“I want to learn more about professions where I can use my math and analytics skills and also to take care of people. I’m exploring businesses as well as mission and purpose-driven organizations where I can accomplish this—financial planning maybe.”


Healy Group Intern Sean Pingel is an accounting and finance major at Kelly School of Business at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

He’s a twin and the youngest of five children. In addition to a twin brother, he has one sister and two other brothers. “My family has a lot of energy. We are very charismatic people and huggers.”

When Sean is not working or studying, he enjoys working out, basketball, weekend hiking trips with friends and enjoying music and dancing.

At Healy Group, he’s looking forward to learning more about financial planning and risk management. In addition to sitting in on financial planning and insurance advisor client meetings, Sean will study a variety of financial plans and review them with Healy Group advisors. He will also use some of his analytical skills to write narratives about some mutual funds available to Healy Group clients. To get some practice drafting professional documents, Sean will write an executive summary of the changes to the new Healy Group Employee Handbook.

Welcome to Healy Group Sean! You are our #1 intern.

About the Author:

Healy Group President

Rich Preuss

Rich, the President and an Owner of Healy Group, has been a financial advisor for over 37 years. His overarching goal in his work with his clients is to help them connect their money to their values. He believes that his work with his clients isn’t just about rates of return, asset allocation, and maximizing wealth; it is about helping them create a better life for those they love and creating a better world.