As a freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington, George Carlin couldn’t help but get excited about the prospect of competing in the Little 500. Not one to sit on the sidelines, George started Team Cinzano in 1985. Cinzanos didn’t win that year, but they qualified 9th and finished 15th. Cinzanos continued as a competitive Little 500 team. However, his junior year George decided to try-out to ride with The Cutters–an elite Little 500 team. Riding with The Cutters, George was part of the winning Little 500 team in 1987.

“I liked to train,” George said. “I loved being out there with my friends in the snow and the rain working hard when no one else was out riding.”

Being An Insurance Advisor Requires a Team Mindset

Years later, George still loves working hard for his team.

“I love what I do,” he said. “I strive to help my clients manage risks in their businesses, whether it be leadership challenges or business growth opportunities or structuring an insurance plan that best meets their individual situations.”

George understands that there are others who can provide business insurance products to his clients, but he strives to set himself apart. Setting the bar high, he aims to provide close attention and outstanding service to his clients year after year.”I always look for some insights I can share, and I take on my clients’ challenges as my own, ”  he said.

As a team player, George understands that if he gives his best effort, it contributes to his clients’ success and well-being. “I strive to advocate for my clients and be a tough negotiator because I know my clients rely on my skill and expertise to structure the best insurance coverage I can for them.”

Putting Team Ideology Into Practice

Watch this client video to hear how George brings value to Packaging Logic, by:

  • Understanding the company’s needs
  • Consistently following-up
  • Providing new and timely information
  • Being a friend who cares about the welfare of the company

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