Insurance Consultation from people who care.

The people at Packaging Logic know how to make boxes at the peak level, but to them, insurance is a foreign ball game. They’ve been working with George from Healy Group for years to ensure their work environment is safe, their equipment is insured, and their general liability insurance package includes what they need. Their long-term business partnership with George and Healy Group has given them the benefit of knowing that someone they regard as a friend is taking care of their insurance needs.

Frank Worked with George to Make it Happen

George has done an outstanding job. He’s been with us so long and knows us very well. I consider George to be a personal friend. We communicate, not just once a year whenever the premiums come due, but as an ongoing process where we walk the journey together. 

George comes to our plant and understands what our wants and needs are. Are wants and needs are to make Packaging Logic a safe environment for our employees and our general liability insurance that we all need to survive. 

Insurance is not my core competency, but George and the people at Healy Group have that knowledge and always follow up. 

Frank Cardello

Packaging Logic, Inc.

The leadership at Packaging Logic are as fine of people as you will ever meet. That starts at the top with Richard Parrette who is the definition of a gentlemen and a friend.  His wisdom and feel for running a business are as high as I have ever encountered. 

Frank Cardello manages operations.  Frank is conscientious, committed to risk management, and is as responsive as any person I have met.  You never have to wait for Frank to respond he gets the job done well, and fast. 

Cindy Hoehne is total class and a delight to work with.  She is the glue that keeps everything together at Packaging Logic, and is the face of Packaging Logic to their customers.

George Carlin

Healy Group