With great sadness Healy Group learned that retired Healy Group receptionist Chris Krueger recently passed away. Over the years, a strong bond grew between Chris, our clients, and those of us who worked with her. She will be fondly remembered and greatly missed by her colleagues at Healy Group. We share some heartwarming reflections from her former Healy Group colleagues to honor Chris’s memory and beautiful spirit.

A former colleague, who also backed up Chris at the front desk, fondly recalls that Chris was like the linchpin that held us all together. Not only was she always on call to field our calls, she was also our hospitable welcoming committee, our firm gatekeeper, mail sorter, official directions giver, office supply orderer, coordinator of service on our often-malfunctioning copiers. She served us all in many ways and was always willing to help out in a pinch, whether with marketing efforts like writing news releases, or helping with miscellaneous, last-minute printing or mailing projects.

Putting others first and going the extra mile was something Chris did all the time. She was always very caring and supportive toward our clients. She would go the extra mile to help a client who needed to talk to an advisor or associate immediately, making sure to connect them with a person, not voicemail. I recall Chris patiently staying on the phone with a lost older client for a good three minutes who wanted to talk through where exactly our new office was as they made their way through what can seem like a maze of medical office buildings. She offered sympathy to the clients who called to report an accident, and reassurance to the clients who didn’t know who it was that could help them with their issue.

I was touched by how Chris thoughtfully put my needs first too. She’d come back early from her lunch break on Fridays, to relieve me early from the phones so I could go to the kitchen to get lunch on Food and Fellowship Fridays. She knew that I always appreciated knowing when there was a tasty treat in the breakroom, so she kept me posted when she saw something come through the door.

Chris was a passionate team player. She had a strong loyalty and affection for us all—her Healy teammates. I saw it in her delight when a colleague came in to visit, who was looking great in spite of grueling cancer treatment. The huge smile on Chris’s face said it all as she watched many of us greet our colleague with glee and give her big hug.

Another Healy Group employee remembered her wonderful sense of humor and creativity, especially with the office newsletter. She shared her witty humor in our monthly newsletter and graced us with one of her paintings.

A Healy group owner shared his reflections: Chris was a gift from God to us. Great storyteller, great artist, off the charts creative, and great wit. When Chris got going, whether at a company meeting (a kindly remember to all, please use the In/Out board), in her skit dressed as the Reverend Mother, or her newsletter, the laughter she was able to generate among us was infectious; it was good for our spirit and soul. Chris wasn’t close to a lot of people, but the people she was close to (her blood family and her Healy family), she loved deeply. I’m grateful for the blessing of having Chris in my life. I’m confident she’s in heaven with all her family that has passed before her and there was roaring laughter with Chris’s arrival.

Another owner shared, Chris considered Healy Group her second family. When both of her brothers passed, we became even more family to her. She will be greatly missed as she was so integral to the Healy Spirit over the years.

She was a wonderful friend and colleague, who embodied the Healy Spirit. May she rest in the peace of the Lord.