More than three years of rate stability in spite of market rises.

As a client with 30 employees on a medical plan, it was important to keep Mishawaka Library’s rates affordable. Through renewal marketing and bringing in competitive carriers, we have been able to keep rates on the medical plan stable for more than 3 years, while the market has seen double digit increases for this group. This included a rate reduction in 2016.

The rate stability allowed the Library to add a Long Term Disability plan at no cost to the employees in 2018, a significant addition to their benefits package. We were also able to move their voluntary benefits away from a platform that required employees to go through underwriting in order to be accepted onto those benefits to a guaranteed issue platform where no underwriting is required. 

Dena Worked with Tony to Make it Happen

We have to be very sensitive with our spending – the value add that Healy gives presents great opportunities for the Library staff. If you gain my loyalty, it is really hard for someone to come in and convince me to move the business.  Even if there were a larger financial gain – I would be calling Healy immediately with the proposed figure from the other company to do whatever I could to stay with Healy Group. I love them!

Dena Wargo

Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Library

One of the things I really appreciate about working with the Library is their willingness to be open to new strategies, which allows us to be more innovative in our approach to benefit design. This has enabled us to be more creative, and that yields better benefits for their employees at a much more reasonable cost for the Library.

Tony Nyers

Healy Group