Cold weather does not have to keep you from enjoying the benefits of time outside, which are important all year round and especially this year. As we enter the winter months, you don’t need to give up socializing, exercising, and gathering outside.

When you are feeling reluctant because it’s cold outside, here’s five good reasons to change your mindset:


1. Fresh air is good for you.

Our homes are sealed up tight, which is good for energy efficiency but not air quality. Fresh outside air is usually less polluted. We are more likely to catch germs sharing enclosed spaces with others.

Getting outdoors gives your body a break from indoor air while boosting your immunity in other ways. Sun is your best source of Vitamin D, which plays a critical role in your health. It affects everything from mood and immune system function to cancer risk.


2. Promotes activity

The best way to stay warm outside in cold weather is to move. Although you probably can’t ride your bike, a brisk walk not only burns calories, but it can also do wonders for your mood and your energy level. Your spirit and body are revitalized by the activity and the brisk air. Exercise of any sort helps boost your immune system and lower your risk for chronic diseases.


3. Reduces Stress

The emerging field of environmental psychology has shown that time spent in nature is highly effective in reducing stress. Outside space feels more expansive. When the walls in your home, office, or cubicle seem confining, step outside. Even if you work in the city, find some green space in a nearby park or neighborhood. Focus your attention on the space, noticing the landscape and wildlife such as birds and squirrels. Giving your mind a break from work and other stressors, even for five minutes, can be soothing.


4. Sharpens Your Thinking

Over a decade ago, a study by the University of Michigan found interacting with nature improved cognitive function, regardless of the season. Participants in the study increased their memory performance by 20 percent after just one hour outdoors.


5. Connects you with your neighbors and friends

Stepping outside means you’ll see your neighbors and friends. Maintaining regular human connection is more important than ever as we navigate these difficult times.

Ongoing research supports the positive health benefits of social connectedness. Engaging with your network and partaking in activities are proven to have the following health benefits:

  • Longer life
  • Stronger immune system
  • Increased happiness
  • Improved memory and cognitive skills
  • Increased motivation for self-care
  • Lower levels of stress hormones

Fire pits, chimineas, and propane heaters can help keep the party going into the colder months if you can snag one.

Cold weather has always been notorious for bringing about sickness and ailments. But despite what you’ve been told about the gloom winter delivers, cold weather can actually be really good for your health.

In the true Healy Spirit, we are deeply committed to supporting our clients and friends during these times and all other times.

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About the Authors

Connie Greenwood, Personal Insurance Advisor

Connie Greenwood has 35 years of experience as an Insurance Advisor. She enjoys helping her clients and prospects understand their insurance options, and crafting insurance solutions tailored to their unique needs. Connie finds great joy in being a trusted advisor for her clients. She loves helping protect their financial welfare against unforeseen accidents and circumstances and bringing them peace of mind.


Tim Pingel, Personal Insurance Advisor

Tim Pingel has almost 20 years of experience as a personal insurance adviser. He provides individuals, couples, and families with home, auto, and umbrella insurance. His ultimate goal is to be his clients’ trusted adviser and expert, so they have the peace of mind and protection they deserve.