July is the high season for summer fun. It’s also time to check with your Healy Group personal insurance advisor to make sure your summer fun items are properly protected. Use these tips to review your coverage to make sure you and your family are insured for the increased risks that come with outdoor activities.


Small boats may be covered under your homeowner’s policy; however, coverage is limited depending on the size of the boat and the motor. If you own a boat, ask your personal insurance advisor about a boatowner’s policy that covers physical damage to the boat and any liability that might result from its use.

Jet skis will also require a separate policy.

Questions to ask your advisor about your insurance coverage for your boat or other personal watercraft.

  • Does my policy have adequate liability limits?
  • Are there special discounts for taking safety courses?
  • Who does the policy cover to operate the boat or personal watercraft?
  • Is the liability of towing skiers or persons on tubes covered by my policy?

Owning and operating a boat or jet ski puts you at increased risk for liability losses. Consider adding a personal umbrella policy to provide liability coverage above what your boatowner’s policy offers. Umbrella policies are a relatively inexpensive way to add an extra layer of coverage. Check with a Healy Group insurance advisor about your options.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are a popular recreational vehicle both on and off the golf course. Coverage for personally owned golf carts under homeowner’s and auto policies is typically only provided by endorsement. Golf carts that are regularly used off-premises may require a separate policy or may be added to your personal auto policy as a recreational vehicle.

Questions to ask your advisor:

  • Are golf carts permitted on public roads if this is its primary use?
  • Are they required to be registered?
  • Are there age restrictions on who can operate the golf cart?



All-Terrain Vehicles

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are also very popular summer recreational vehicles; however, they are not covered by standard automobile policies. Your homeowner’s policy may cover your liability on an ATV, but you’ll need to review your policy with your insurance advisor to make sure you have adequate coverage. You may also want to consider a separate ATV policy to make sure you have adequate coverage.

Questions to ask your advisor:

  • Are there age restrictions on who may operate the ATV?
  • Does the policy cover non-family members who are operating the ATV?
  • Are there discounts for taking a driver safety class or wearing a helmet?




Summer fun and pools go hand-in-hand. Swim parties and cookouts are at the top of the list of fun summer activities. If your home has a pool, check your homeowner’s policy to make sure your pool is listed. Make sure you are following any safety requirements outlined in the policy, such as a locked gate or fencing at a certain height.

If you decide to install a new pool, make sure you let your insurance advisor know and you are aware of any safety guidelines required in your homeowner’s policy.

Having a pool puts you at increased risk for liability losses. You may also want to consider adding an umbrella policy to provide an additional level of liability coverage above what your homeowner’s policy offers.


Summer is a popular time to rent vacation homes, recreational vehicles (RVs), cars, and watercraft. However, rentals carry their own set of insurance risks and exposures.

  • Motor Homes
    • Damage to a rented motor home is not covered under most standard personal auto policies. While liability for personal use is provided, considering the size of a motor home and the potential damage they can cause, the liability on your personal auto policy may not be enough.
  • Rental Cars
    • Car rental companies offer optional insurance coverage called Collision Damage Waiver to protect you from financial responsibility should the vehicle be stolen or damaged while you are renting it. However, many times personal liability, bodily injury, and property damage are also covered for car rentals under your personal auto policy. Check with your insurance advisor to determine if your personal auto policy extends protection to rental cars and if the coverage is adequate.
  • Watercraft
    • Renting a jet ski or pontoon boat on your beach vacation? Jet skis are one of the most popular watercraft rentals. It’s important to note that most standard homeowner’s policies limit the liability coverage to rented jet skis to those with 50 horsepower or less, which can exclude coverage for most typical jet ski rentals.
    • What about physical damage? Consider the cost to replace a pontoon boat or jet ski should you be found liable by the marina or rental company. It’s important to read all rental agreements and make sure you understand exactly what you are liable for when you rent a watercraft.
  • Vacation Homes
    • Your personal liability coverage follows you anywhere in the world, as does coverage for your personal belongings. However, it may not cover loss of use in the event your vacation home rental becomes uninhabitable or damaged. You might be on the hook for the expenses to find alternate lodging or a travel home.

Whether you own or rent your summer fun, a personal umbrella policy offers an additional layer of protection over your auto and homeowner’s policies for a very reasonable premium. Have questions about whether your personal auto and homeowner’s policy covers your summer fun items or rentals? Let’s Connect!

About the Author:

Scott Johnson is the self-proclaimed Director of Purpose and Passion, and a mentor, leader, and head cheerleader for Healy Insurance division. In his professional life, Scott embraces the Healy Spirit, helping others and giving value first. He is also the author of Insurance Caffeine, an E-magazine featuring commercial and personal insurance-related topics.